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Our "Event Success" team will reach out to welcome you to the Echo family, answer any questions, and make sure you have everything you need. In the meantime just follow the 3 steps below. That's it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your event. Securing exciting and unique entertainment for your event has never been so easy.

01. Check your inbox; e-sign the agreement
02. Pay online the $49 refundable deposit
03. Fill out the online planning form

We bring the
fun to every type of event!


We're excited you've chosen us to be part of your next event!

Echo Casino parties are

Photo of Elia Benitez, CEO of Echo Casino Parties

Message from Elia Benitez, CEO

Welcome to Echo Casino Party, where we transform any gathering into an unforgettable night of fun and friendly competition! 🎉

Imagine this: you and your guests, clinking glasses (or water bottles), smiles all around, and the thrill of blackjack in the air. That's the magic Echo Casino Party brings! ✨

We're all about providing top-notch entertainment for any kind of event, from corporate team-building to birthday bashes. Our professional dealers are the ultimate hosts, guiding beginners and seasoned players alike through the exciting world of blackjack.

So, whether you're a seasoned card shark 🦈 or a complete newbie 👶 , we've got you covered. Get ready to deal in some serious fun with Echo Casino Party! 🥳

Let's make your next event legendary!

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