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A Blackjack Tournament is a competitive event where players compete against each other to accumulate the highest chip stack within a specific timeframe. Participants play multiple hands of blackjack, and the player with the most chips at the end of the tournament is declared the winner.

In a typical Blackjack Tournament, players are assigned a starting number of chips (we usually start with $10,000). They compete against each other and the dealer, aiming to win as many chips as possible within a predetermined number of hands (we usually recommend 5 hands). The player with the most chips at the end of the tournament is the winner.

It’s 100% legal and we’ve confirmed it with the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. The main requirement to keep it on the up and up is that guests cannot “pay to play”. In other words, all guests at your event must be given an equal opportunity to participate and they cannot “buy in” for chips or additional rounds. You can charge a cover fee for your event, but it can’t be tied back to the casino event. You are also allowed to give prizes to the top money winners or tournament winners (again, so long as guests did not have to pay to participate).

With 1 table, 7 guests can play at the same time. Over the course of an hour 1 table can accommodate about 50 guests. If you’d like your guests to be able to play longer or be able to accommodate a larger event you can add multiple blackjack tables to your package.

Absolutely! Blackjack Tournaments are designed to be enjoyable for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned blackjack player or a beginner, you’re welcome to participate and have fun. Our fun and professional dealers can also familiarize you with basic blackjack strategies to enhance your chances of winning.

No. If you charge a fee to play in the tournament this would cross the line into gambling which is regulated by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. There can be absolutely no “pay to play” with a casino party.

Yes, most Blackjack Tournaments offer prizes for the top-performing players. The prizes can include cash, gift cards, or other valuable rewards. The specific prizes and their distribution will be determined by the event host. Our staff can assist in distributing the prizes to the top winners.

No, you do not need to bring anything. Our blackjack tournament casino party service will provide all the necessary equipment, including the playing cards, professional table, chips, etc for the tournament. Just come prepared to have a great time and compete against other players.

In most Blackjack Tournaments we host, players who get eliminated early still have opportunities to continue playing in future rounds. Even if you’re eliminated from the tournament, you can still enjoy the casino party atmosphere and participate by cheering on your friends.

Typically no. We encourage players to come and play as the event is starting. If there is a line to play then we simply add people to the waitlist for the next round. However, some event organizers decide to send out a sign-up sheet for the rounds ahead of time to drum up interest in the event. We can work with you on specifics if you decide to book with us.