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Our goal is to bring joy and excitement to your event.

We beleive that blacjack tournaments provide a unique type of entertainment for all types of events. It's fun for everyone, completely hassle-free, and will keep your guests engaged.

01. We take care of everything
02. Unique entertainment for your guests
03. Affordable for all budgets

We bring the
fun to every type of event!


Let us make your event extra special with a hassle-free blackjack tournament.

Echo Casino parties are

Photo of Elia Benitez, CEO of Echo Casino Parties

Elia Benitez, CEO

Elia is absolutely in love with the game of Blackjack. She doesn't always win but she always has a great time playing. On the business side of things Elia excels at setting a vision, executing against it, and rallying others around her. Elia started Echo Casino as a way to bring something unique and joyful to people at various events and venues. Prior to running her own company, Elia worked in sales, marketing and HR in several industries.

Spencer Siegel, VP

Spencer has a unique background in finance, data & analytics, IT operations, and B2B sales. He also led a full service event production business in New York prior to 2020 (and brings that experience to Echo Casino). Spencer has his M.B.A. from the University of Florida, has worked for a Fortune 100, and worked in the non-profit education space. In his personal time you'll find Spencer hanging out with his two young kids.

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